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Francine Rivers’ A Voice in the Wind

A Voice in the Wind brings readers back to the first century and introduces them to a character they will never forget–Hadassah. Torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, this young slave girl clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of decadent Rome.

If anyone ever asks me what my favorite book is (though I have many), I usually say Francine Rivers’ A Voice in the Wind. If you haven’t read this book yet, you do not know what you’re missing. A lot of people say her best book is Redeeming Love, and that book is a hit, but A Voice in the Wind was pretty revolutionary for me. It’s the best book out there, second to the Bible, that will teach you about forgiveness and love. And even though it takes place in the Roman era, so many of those same issues are relevant today. There are such strong characters in this novel, there is Marcus who embodies the classic, dark, brooding hero except that there is so much more to him. There is Hadassah who embodies Christ. Julia, the girl we love to hate and Artretes the tortured soul. One of the things that I so love about this book is the way Marcus falls in love with Hadassah. It’s slow, but intense the way only Ms. Rivers can do. I think I would have loved to see what there life was like when they were married. So cheers to A Voice in the Wind and it’s 20th Anniversary!

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