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L.N. Cronk’s Chop Chop


Ever since Laci was a little girl she’s been growing out her pretty,
brown hair and chopping it off to send to Locks of Love. When Greg moves into
town and finds out what she’s doing, he thinks it’s a great idea…so he starts
doing it too! It’s just one of the things that reserved, young David must
tolerate as their friendship grows throughout the years. As they near adulthood,
they grow not only closer to each other, but closer to God as well. David finds
himself content in every way, but when tragedy occurs David must struggle to
find his way back to God.


I just love a male protagonist, especially if he’s younger, and it took no time at all for David to win my heart. I especially like David because his personality was like that of an old man in a little body. He wasn’t particularly charismatic or fun, and that made him still charming all the same. Of course, the begining of the novel leads to the understanding that something awful happened in David’s life, so you might read this novel feeling a little tense, waiting for the hammer to fall. And it does fall. There are tears, but there is also so much laughter, and when the novel ends, so much hope. The romance in this novel was so original, and so cute. I loved it. Spiritually, I love the emphasis and the impact of going to church youth group and doing missions. I love that the main theme of this book is loving and forgiving the unlovely. Its beautifully portrayed. Highly Recommended!

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