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R. J. Larson’s Judge

The last thing Kien Lantec expects on his first day of military leave is to receive marching orders from his Creator, the Infinite. Orders that don’t involve destroyer-racing or courting the love of his life, Ela. Adding to Kien’s frustration, his Infinite-ordained duties have little to do with his skills as a military judge-in-training. His mission? To warn the people of ToronSea against turning their backs to the Infinite to worship a new goddess.

But why Kien? Isn’t this the role of a true prophet, such as Ela of Parne?

Seeking answers, Kien visits Ela and finds her stricken by a devastating vision of her own. Her birthplace, Parne, has been corrupted by her enemies and will soon suffer judgment. Pulled in separate ways, each must seek to follow the Infinite’s leading and hope He will reunite them again soon.

In reading Christian fiction, there are some authors you read and you just know they’ve been with God, Ms. Larson is one of them. With shades of Old Testament prophets Jonah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel (and maybe others), Kien and Ela embark on some trips that lead to joy and heartache. When I first started the novel, I kept hoping that Kien and Ela would be together the whole time, to add a deeper level to the romance. But they each had individual tasks, and still there was an element of romance to the novel that just worked. In spite of them not being together most of the novel, my pages were flipping as I saw both of them develop even more into people that the Infinite (or God) could use. I so enjoyed this novel and I cannot wait until the third one comes out. I continually love Kien’s character who brings much needed humor to tense situations, and Ela’s spirit because she is so committed to the Infinite. Spiritually, this novel reads again like the Old Testament, but points out the importance of just being obedient. Great Novel. Highly Recommended!

**I received this novel from Netgalley. My opinion was not affected in any way**

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