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Monday Musings…The End of an Era

Does anyone else miss bookstores? I know I do. I was a freshman in high school when a Borders was built half a mile from my house. To say I was there all the time is an understatement. Dad often jokes that I’m the reason Borders closed; because I read so many book there without buying them (um…that may or may not be true). When Borders closed, in spite of my 20+ years, I did tear up. I don’t know about where you live, but where I live the next closest bookstore is about 30 to 40 min. away. So, what do I miss about bookstores?

1) Browsing the Shelves. Sometimes you just want to look and see what’s new. I bought a lot of books at my neighborhood Borders just trying new authors. With this new online business, I think reviews are the way (at least in my opinion) of getting me to check out a new author. Gone are the days where you flip through pages to see if its what you want.

2) Meeting new people. Yes, this is an odd one considering I’m not a people person, but I have met a lot of interesting people at bookstores. Not lifelong friends mind you, but others who just enjoy reading and being there.

3) The environment. I’m not a huge fan of reading at the library. Too many bad experiences. Now I just pick up my books and go. But there is always someting nice about sitting down with a book, with music playing in the background and the smell of coffee and new books wafting over the shelves.

4) It gives you something to do. I’m not a huge shopping fan, so more often than not I would run to the bookstore while my mom shopped. It’s not an option anymore, now I drag a book from store to store and pray I can find a seat.

Do I like Amazon? Uh…yes. And the Kindle was revolutionary. But I still miss the bookstore, talk about an end of an era.

Anyone else miss bookstores? Glad they’re gone?

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