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Judy Christie’s Wreath


What do you do when you’re too young to be on your own but have no one to turn to? Sixteen-year-old Wreath Willis makes a list: Find a place to live. Buy cheap food. Finish high school. Get a job. Go to college. Now she’s finishing high school by day and squatting in a junkyard by night, flying below the authorities’ radar while she makes a few awkward friends and searches for an illusory “good life.” But when a teacher grows too suspicious, Wreath is afraid she’ll have to move on before she graduates. Could it be this was a good life?


This novel was really unique to me. You have Wreath who is on the run and instead of going to a foster home for her last year of schooling she would rather live in a car in a junkyard (of course the fact that she is running from a scary guy might be a part of that reason as well). I thought there were moments in this book that were a little predictable, but there were moments in this book that were heart-wrenching as well. Wreath had a tough time and you couldn’t help but want to cheer her along as went. Throughout the novel you could see how God was there with her every step of the way because of all the people she met who cared about her. Though this novel introduced a love interest and had a few romantic like scenes, I would say this book was more about survival than some guy. An interesting book and certainly a learning experience. My heart goes out to those who find themselves in this situation and I can only pray that I act with the same grace that (most) people treated Wreath with. Recommended!

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