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Susan May Warren’s My Foolish Heart

 Susan May Warren cranks out books faster than almost any author I know. Just when you think you need one, there’s another coming out. And let me tell you, this one is so good. I really like it because of it’s unusual premise. Isadora Presley is the radio host of My Foolish Heart, which is a show that gives out advice about romance. She also is very much afraid to leave her house and rarely does so. Caleb Knight is an Iraq veteran who has left with some scars. He has moved to Deep Haven in hopes of moving on and starting over as the coach of the high school football team. When Isadora, his neighbor, catches his eye, he doesn’t know what to do so he starts calling My Foolish Heart. It’s so cute. I was flipping the pages. There is a secondary romance in the novel, that I must admit, didn’t capture my attention as much. But I was continually rooting for Caleb and Izzy. Spiritually, Izzy and Caleb must learn to conquer their fears and trust God. Such a good book. Highly Recommended.

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