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Robin Jones Gunn’s Finally and Forever

This is the fourth book in the Katie Weldon Series, so there will be tons of spoiler alerts. Katie Weldon is the forever friend of Christy Miller (Christy + Todd!). She was with Christy through the romance of Todd and now Katie’s got her own guy, Eli. The previous book ends with Katie following Eli to Africa. The ending was romantic and sweet. But I’m so glad Ms. Gunn wrote this book! Ms. Gunn has the unique ability to take ordinary people in ordinary circumstances and still leave you enraptured. I have so enjoyed all of her Katie Weldon/Christy Miller series because these are normal girls who meet normal guys and somehow its still so romantic without any over-the-top issues and never-gonna-happen storylines (those are fun too, but still). Specifically in this one, as you read the novel you see Katie and Eli in their quiet time, growing with God, trying to be the best examples of Christ even in their uniqueness. When I put down one of her books, I want to pick up the Bible to see what direction the Lord is sending me. But most of all, as a single gal, her books are the ones that would help me create a list of the perfect spouse more than any other.

Back to Katie and Eli- in this book they begin to learn more about each other and just kind of slow down the romance thing (but it’s still there!). Eli’s passion for the Lord is catching and Katie’s mistakes in Africa are so relatable. If I had an issue with anything it was that she didn’t have enough culture shock. Perhaps when God calls you to the mission field, He equips you with a love for the country right away. All I know is, when I studied in France, I had moments where you couldn’t take me away and moments where if I could just find the ocean, I would swim across. But that said, great book. Highly Recommended (although you have to read the others first!).

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