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Beth Vogt’s Wish You Were Here

This book was really unique because it starts with a wedding (albeit a wedding gone wrong). This book starts with Allison who is about to marry Seth, but five days before the wedding finds herself kissing Seth’s brother Daniel. I don’t think you need me to point that there are a few problems in this relationship. It’s an interesting premise, but I think if I were rating the book I might give it 3.5 starts our of 5. It begins very engaging for the first few chapters, but then it kind of mellows out in the middle and picks up again towards the end. Overall, I found that this was an enjoyable read and so very different than the usual.

Spiritually, you have Allison who got saved as a teenager, but once she started dating Seth, she put God on the backburner. She has to learn who she is in Christ before she can proceed any further with another relationship. I love this concept. Daniel’s relationship in the beginning resembles his relationship to his father, cold and distant. To be honest, I think a lot of people compare their relationship to God with their relationship with one of their parents. This book really challenges you to look beyond yourself. I recommend it!

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