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Lisa Bergren’s Glamorous Illusions

 So I really enjoyed this book! But I enjoy pretty much everything Lisa Bergern writes. This book starts with Cora who learns a big secret about her family that leads to her taking the Grand Tour in Europe. Since I’ve been to Europe, and am something of a francophile I enjoyed all the references to England and France. This book was so good! I thought Ms. Bergren did a fabulous job of staying in character with Cora. I emphatized, rejoiced, mourned all within the space of a few pages. There was naturally some romance, but in true modern style there are always two suitors. Spiritually, Cora has to learn to trust God throughout the entire experience because as fun as Europe is when you’re traveling with annoying people that can get rid of the joy. Highly recommended and I can’t wait till the next one comes out!

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