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Karen Witemeyer’s Short Straw Bride

 So I read this great review of this book that said the only bad thing about this book was that it ended. I agree! This book was so cute and so much fun that I was sad every time I turned a page. Ms. Witemeyer said this book was influenced by the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers which I really like, so if you remember that movie, than this book is right up your alley. The romance was sweet, the brothers humorous, and there was of course a few bad guys thrown in the mix to make it things complicated.

Spiritually, Travis (the hero) has to learn to trust God in spite of the disappointments in the past which is so applicable to life. Meredith has to learn to seek God and ask him first before moving. Such a great book! Everything she writes is a joy and I can’t wait till next year!

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