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Interview of Dana Pratola

Ms. Pratola,

  thank you so much for being willing to be interviewed on my blog!

    What led you to write The Covering?

God. I mean He didn’t issue an order, LOL, just put the desire there and somehow it led to the importance of intercessory prayer and then to Tessa and Gunnar.

   When you started writing The Covering, did you plan out the twists and turns or were you as surprised as the reader as the novel unfolded?

Neither and both. I didn’t consciously plan everything out but once I started, things just naturally fell into place. It’s a gift from God when that happens.

    Gunnar is a very intense character with a heavy past, what or who was your inspiration for him?

I’ve never personally met anyone like Gunnar =-)  But people like him are everywhere – damaged to the point that they don’t see their own worth. I think he’s representative of folks who are broken and just trying to make their way through. Some are angry at people, at God and at life, and some of them are afraid to hope there’s anything better, and don’t think they’re worthy of it if there is.

    In The Covering, Tessa leaves her job as a lawyer and pursues opening a B&B, what led you to choose this new career?

Two things: 1) write what you know, LOL. I’ve been a housewife (is that still an accepted term?) for 26 years so I know about cleaning, remodeling, etc.  2) Tessa’s a nurturer and loves to take care of people so an inn seemed logical to me.

   If there is one thing you want your readers to take away from The Covering, what would it be?

That God isn’t mad at them. If you have issues (and who doesn’t?) He wants to help. He’s always waiting for us to reach out no matter what we’ve done, are doing, or ever will do. Jesus paid it all so we don’t have to. We are worthy because He is worthy. Too preachy? Sorry, it’s all I’ve got, lol.

  Do you have anything new that we can look forward to?

I’ve just finished book one of a series (as yet untitled). I’m really excited to get it out there. I’m also working on many other projects.

 Again, thank you, Ms. Pratola! My review can be found here:

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