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Lynn Austin’s Wonderland Creek

 Lynn Austin is a fantastic author. I’ve read almost everything she has ever written. My personal favorite is her Civil War series, but I’ll be doing a week on American War novels later this year and talk about those then (and yes there is another one coming out this year!). Wonderland Creek is no exception. If I had to compare it to another book I would say it’s like Christy by Catherine Marshall, but with more humor. This book is not as romantic as I usually like, but it’s a good story.

The story starts off with Alice who keeps her head in books so much that she misses out on life (um…sounded a little familiar), but then she is thrown into a situation where she has to put the book down and be involved. It is only then that she learns that God is not some idea in theory but a God in actuality. There is also a situation in the book that shows how bitterness can fester, causing you to do things you never thought you would do. It’s a great book, with a great takeaway.

Does anyone else have a favorite of Ms. Austin?

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