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Ruth Axtell Morren’s Wild Rose

Today I’m doing another oldie, but a goodie. Ruth Axtell Morren has written a lot of books, but in my opinion, her best books were the first ones that came out, specifically Wild Rose. A good romance is a novel that has development, you can see the two people become friends, learn to respect each other, and slowly fall in love. This book does that so well. Geneva, the heroine, is so likeable from the start and you only want to see what happens next where she’s concerned. Captain Caleb is a man wronged, and at first he wants nothing to do with anyone, but eventually he let’s the grace of God deal with the pain and eventually forgives the wrong-doer (difference between Christian and secular heros!).

This book is really good, and has a follow-up (different couple, same town). I also recommend Winter is Past. Ms. Morren has a new book coming out and I have already pre-ordered it, so I highly recommend her. Has anyone else read her books? Got a favorite?

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