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Charles Martin’s When Crickets Cry

There is fiction and then there is literature. I’ve always thought of fiction as a story and literature was just finely crafted words. I’m not a big fan of literature. Then I read Charles Martin. I’m pretty sure Mr. Martin doesn’t market himself as literature, but his writing is pure poetry mixed with a good story. Today, I’m featuring When Crickets Cry which is one of my favorite books by Charles Martin. It is tied with Chasing Fireflies. Wrapped in Rain and The Mountain Between Us are close seconds. He has written other books which I enjoy as well, so I definitely recommend reading any and all of his books. When Crickets Cry is a story about a man who has a gift, yet a mistake in his past has caused him to hide that gift. But then he meets a little girl who needs his gift. Sound evasive? I don’t want to give anything away.

One of the things I appreciate about Charles Martin’s books is the importance he places on marriage in his all his books. It’s a key theme. Families are vital and relationships are life. Charles Martin doesn’t really write for the “Christian” market anymore, but you cannot read any of his books and not feel his faith.

Has anyone else read any of his books? Which one is your favorite and why?

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