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Elizabeth Camden’s To the Farthest Shore

To the Farthest Shores by [Camden, Elizabeth]

It has been six years since army nurse Jenny Bennett’s heart was broken by a dashing naval officer. Now Lieutenant Ryan Gallagher has abruptly reappeared in her life at the Presidio army base but refuses to discuss the inexplicable behavior that destroyed their happiness.

Ryan is in an impossible situation. One of the few men in the world qualified to carry out a daring assignment, he accepted a government mission overseas that caused his reputation to be destroyed and broke the heart of the only woman he ever loved. Honor bound never to reveal where he had been during those six years, he can’t tell Jenny the truth or it will endanger an ongoing mission and put thousands of lives at risk.

Although Ryan thinks he may have finally found a solution, he can’t pull it off on his own. Loyalty to her country compels Jenny to help, but she never could have imagined the intrigue she and Ryan will have to face or the lengths to which they will have to go to succeed.


I like Elizabeth Camden. She somehow manages to write different heroes and heroines every time she writes a book. And not just any kind of heroes and heroines, but incredibly smart heroines and gifted heroes. My thoughts:

What I liked:

The premise. Jenny is jilted by Ryan…but you know he has a good reason as to why. I loved being in Jenny’s head and trying to figure out what was happening.

Jenny. She’s tough and smart and yet vulnerable. Her character was complex and I could see where she was coming from every time she made a decision. I loved Jenny.

Interesting facts. I know that doesn’t sound interesting, but seriously Camden taught me about pearls, opium addiction, sailing, Japanese culture, the war, without ever making me feel like I was being taught.

Suspense. There’s a bit of a mystery here. Two really. Watching both of them unravel kept me invested in the story.

Secondary characters. I adored all of them: Lily, Finn, Simon. They each managed to make the novel rich and come to life.

Spiritually, the novel deals with forgiveness. Forgiving others and forgiving yourself and how ultimately you have to accept the grace of God.

What I didn’t like:

Ryan. I wanted to like Ryan. I usually adore heroes. But. Ryan messed up. A lot. I kid you not, what didn’t this guy do? He should have chased Jenny down. He should have been on his knees begging. He didn’t. Instead it felt like Jenny chased him down.

Romantic scale: 7.5

Overall, a very interesting read. It’s not my favorite of Elizabeth Camden’s but it’s worth reading.

**I received a copy from Netgalley. My opinion was not affected in anyway.**

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