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Monday Musings…What’s Coming Out Next

I promised that Through the Waters was the first in a new series….and it is. Through the Rivers is coming along.

It usually takes me two years to write a new book. But I’ve actually written most of this book in less than 8 months. So…fast for me…slow in the publishing world. Nevertheless, Through the Rivers is coming out this year. I just can’t say when.

What is it about?

Katie Tate. Truitt Tate’s younger, more impulsive sister and that’s all I want to say about her.

Any focused historical moments?

Actually no. That said, research has taken place. I’ve been studying lynchings and their affects on communities as well as sharecropping.

How long will this series be?

Three books: Through the Waters, Through the Rivers, and Through the Fire. Tentatively, very tentatively, Through the Fire will be about the brilliant Ivy Tate and her story about being the first woman of color in a doctoral program in the late 1950s.

And then?

And then, that’s it for the Tate’s. I’ve already started mentally planning my next series, but let me get through these next two first.

So, thoughts?

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