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T.I. Lowe’s A Bleu Streak Christmas

How does the band Bleu Streak celebrate the holidays? By singing, of course. Go on tour with this zany group as they get into all kinds of mischief along the way.
And Maverick King? Oh yeah. This devilishly handsome drummer gets a special gift for Christmas. The trouble is trying to convince Izzy Walker to allow him to have her…


I so enjoyed the first book, that of course I had to read the second! My thoughts:

What I liked

Maverick. He’s not your traditional ‘Christian’ hero in the sense that he has a complicated past, tattoos and is a rock star. He was also fun, straight-forward, and he knew who he was.

The characters. It was great to be amongst this group again! I enjoyed the pranks and the love and the fun that they all have with each other.

Fame. For some reason, I do like rock star books and dealing with famous people.

Romance. You definitely saw Maverick and Izzy fall in love and I enjoyed every moment of it. Also, it’s modern. The couple dealt with real issues and it made them feel real.

Spiritually, everyone in the novel spends time praising the Lord, praying, and just living as a believer in Christ.

What I didn’t like:

Occasionally, it crossed the line and was a bit…lame instead of cute. But still very enjoyable.

Romantic scale: 8

Overall, very sweet and fun read!

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