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Monday Musings…Authors and Social Media

In spite of the fact that I rarely if ever post a thing on Facebook or Twitter, I do hang out on these websites regularly. Yes, I’m one of those people.

When I first got on Twitter many many years ago, the first thing I did was follow a ton of my favorite authors. Hey, I had to know if/when their books would go free. And besides, some of these people are my role models. Of course I want to hear what they have to say.

However, I have noticed that some authors cannot stick with just speaking about books, but also often tout political opinions and agendas. Far be it from me to tell them not to do so. But I will admit that there is at least one author that I have no desire to read based on her Twitter comments.

Folks, everyone is entitled to an opinion. But you must be careful in how you sound and how you come across, particularly when it comes to matters that affect others that do not affect you. Case in point, immigration affects me not at all. Do I have an opinion about immigration? Sure. Am I going to tout that opinion to the masses as though I know exactly what I’m talking about? No. Because a) I don’t have all the facts and b) I run the risk of being insensitive at some point and it’s not worth it. I write books that reflect Christ, so why would I want to come off as an insensitive neanderthal on social media?

That is why I won’t read this author’s books. In her books, she loves Jesus and praises compassion. In real life, she sounds like a person I would want to avoid. Her comments are not kind and they are not understanding. If I were not saved, I wouldn’t want to get saved based off of what she says.

So, can authors have political opinions? Absolutely. Just make sure they are bathed in love.

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