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Monday Musings…I DNF’d A Book

I DNF’d (placed in my do not finish book pile) a book this week. A book I had really looked forward to. A book by a legit favorite author of mine. I kid you not that I own all of her books (with the exception of two) and that I have reread most of her books several times. But this latest book had me like this:

The whole time I was reading it, all I could think was

Like the dialogue literally gave me a headache. The author in question is usually traditionally published, but she decided to self-publish this one. That meant this book was riskier and edgier (and kinda boring) for the Christian market. Anyone who reads this blog knows I love edgy Christian reads. But the key word here is Christian. We should be in this world not of it. And the problem with traditional publishing houses is that they pretend that we’re not in this world. The problem with this book is that it pretended like we were of it. The things this main character did were mind-blowing for a believer. AND IT IS POSSIBLE, that she corrected in the end. I just didn’t want to go on the journey with her to find out.

So, have you ever DNF’d a book? Why? or Why not?


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