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Monday Musings…You Can’t Read Everything

Recently, God’s been teaching me this: you can’t read everything. When you’re a kid, your parents are usually happy that you read. Monitoring your reading list is not always high on their list. Or you grow up with a mom like mine who monitors everything. And when everything is monitored, as soon as you get older, you read everything.

It’s easy to think and say, ‘Well I’m grown, I can read anything I want.’ But lately God has been teaching me you can’t.

As you know I’m a huge fantasy reader, which leads me to books with all kinds of magical systems and sometimes into paranormal fiction. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve read a book and my spirit was disturbed. You can’t read everything.

This goes to romance too. It’s hard, sometimes, to figure out which romance novels are clean and which ones aren’t…but not too hard. You can usually tell by the language of the book how the characters think…and you can’t read everything.

Words, especially for book people means something. I learn through the written word more than any other way. And when you read you spend a lot of time in someone else’s thoughts and that stuff can get in your spirit. So, word of advice: be careful what you read, because you can’t read everything.

Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Share!

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