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Lisa Carter’s Beyond the Cherokee Trail

When Linden Birchfield arrives in the Snowbird Cherokee community to organize the 180th commemoration of the Trail of Tears, she runs head on—literally—into arrogant former army sniper Walker Crowe. A descendant of the Cherokee who evaded deportation by hiding in the rugged Snowbird Mountains, Walker believes no good can result from stirring up the animosity with the white Appalachian residents whose ancestors looted the tribal lands so long ago.

Though at odds over the commemoration, Linden and Walker must unite against an unseen threat to derail the festival. Together they face an enemy whose implacable hatred can be traced to the events of the Trail, a dark chapter in America’s westward expansion. When called to resurrect his sniper abilities, Walker must thwart the enemy who threatens the modern-day inhabitants of tiny Cartridge Cove—and targets the woman who has captured his heart.


Reading a book by Lisa Carter is always so refreshing and such a joy to read. My thoughts:

What I liked:

Diversity. As always, I love that Lisa Carter explores the culture of American Indians. And I particularly love that she hasn’t stayed with the same tribe in all her books. This time, it’s the Cherokee, particularly the Cherokee that was a part of the Trail of Tears. It’s heavy stuff at times, but when you see how much they overcame it is a wonder to look at. But, I just love the way she seamlessly interweaves Cherokee culture in this book.

The dual stories. Usually, I don’t like books with two stories and two romances because one can often feel a bit slighted. Not so here. Both stories were thoroughly engaging (though if I had to choose I really wanted to know what happened in the past) and neither romance felt slighted (though the one in the past went not quite how I would have liked). I loved every moment of both.

Walker. Lisa can write some awesome heroes. He had me from the first page.

Spiritually, the book deals with believing God in hard times; times that make you scratch your head and ask why. And you just have to face the past and move on or it will destroy you.

What I didn’t like:

Linden and Walker both have heavy pasts. But Walker is completely upfront with his and learning to move past it (and frankly, I thought his past was more traumatic then Linden’s). I didn’t like that Linden holds her past as a secret almost to the end and then acts like her pain trumps others. I mean, her past is painful, I just felt like she wore it almost like a badge of honor for too long.

Romantic scale: 8

Overall, I loved this book. I’ll read anything buy Lisa Carter.

**I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. My opinion was not affected in anyway.**

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