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Monday Musings…Kindle Unlimited

For those of you who are Amazon-ites (buy your kindle reads from Amazon). You have probably heard of this thing called Kindle Unlimited (KU). What you do is pay $10 a month and then you can download and read any book in the Kindle Unlimited program.

I am a part of this program. I use it all the time. But there are a lot of books in the KU program which means there is a lot of stuff to comb through. So, how do you choose a book? You’re no longer wasting money, but no one wants to waste time. Here are my helpful tips:


Let’s face it, reviews matter. There is one author I just downloaded this weekend due to reviews. I had read her before and she was just okay to me. But this other book of hers has over 500 reviews! Definitely worth a second look! I almost always click on books with over 40-5 star reviews. Even if the cover is lame, if the reviews are high, the reviews trump the covers. To me, these books have been tried by more than the authors close friends and are certainly worth at least finding out what they’re about.


Covers sell books. If I come across a book with a stunning cover but little to no reviews, I will still check it out. In fact, the cover doesn’t need to be stunning, if I know that it’s a Christian novel, but it has like a rock star on it, then I’m curious. Because that’s not something I see done often.

3. Pick the opposite.

Occasionally, I will do a random stop check and just pull up a book I know would usually not be my kind of read. Does anyone watch Say Yes to the Dress? Well, I noticed a common theme is that when girls try on the dresses they swore they didn’t want, they ended up loving it. And so, sometimes, even though I see that clearly this is a book I would usually avoid, I will check it out anyway by downloading the sample chapter. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been happily surprised!

So. Those are my tips for people with lots of choices. Do you have any you want to share?

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