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Monday Musings…Feelings

Do you write your reviews based upon how you feel after you read a book? Initially, I kept my feelings mostly out of it. If the author wrote the correct formula: good heroine, loads of romance, page turning plot, than I gave a good review and 5 stars (amazon).

And if the plot was ridiculous, and the heroine annoying, and the romance silly, then you could tell how I felt by my review.

But I recently read a discussion post from a blogger and she said sometimes she will read a book and the plot is predictable and the romance is lame, and the heroine is annoying, but when she finished the book she was smiling and thinking about it all day long. And so she gave the book 5 stars, because it did it’s job. It entertained her.

I love this advice. Because really, at the end of the day, it’s not about the formula, its about whether the past few hours you spent were enjoyable. It’s about whether youre still thinking about that book the next day or whether you’ve forgotten the main character’s name already. And so lately, even if a book has followed the right formula, if I was bored reading it, I rate it lower; in contrast if the book has the wrong formula, but I can’t put it down, I rate it higher. I have made the way I feel at the end of the book a major part of my review.

How about you? Do you take into consideration how you feel after reading a book to write your review?

One thought on “Monday Musings…Feelings

  1. Yeah, I’m pretty much like that blogger. I recently read a book and didn’t like how it left out the main character getting to certain places (example: she’s at her house watching a movie and then suddenly at a friend’s house. How did this happen within two sentences?), but once it ended, I gave it a 4 stars because of the impact it had on me when I finished it. My feelings seem to play the biggest role when writing a review.

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