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Monday Musings…Do You Trust Your Favorite Authors?

Have you ever given up on an author? I know I have. I’ve even written a blog post about how I’ve stopped reading some authors because after a while it felt like all their books were the same even if the name was changed or the plot was different. But recently, I was going through some new releases and realized that I had stopped reading several of the authors….even though they are good authors. And the reason I did that was due to one thing: drama.

As a reader, I like to trust the author. I like to know that no matter how high or low the author takes me, that I can trust them to write a satisfactory story. But I have discovered that some authors, who I used to consider favorites, have lost me because of a choice or choices that they made…in one book! Is it fair that I’ve stopped reading and buying their books because I didn’t like one? No, but let me tell you…I really didn’t like what they chose to do with the book. Maybe one day I will go back and check them out, but they lost my trust as a reader and if I were to pick up a book today, I would probably be reading like:

I know as someone who writes that there is an innate desire to have your new book be different than your last. And so if you have level-headed heroines all the time, people might get tired of them. If you have main characters who wisely choose left, they might be boring. Or, people might not relate to them since it appears that your main characters always make the right choice. I don’t know. I just happen to think the risk is greater in having main characters make poor choices.

What do you think? Have you read any authors that you think are awesome…except for the tiny fact that you don’t trust them?

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