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Introducing Melanie Kilsby

 1. What got you interested in writing?
I got interested in writing at a fairly young age. Once I learned how to write and discovered a journal, I poured myself out into them. It was a release of my thoughts and my heart at that time. Later, after I became a christian, God honed in that talent that he placed in me at such a young age. I started to write songs and poetry. Then, one day I had a story to tell. So, I wrote it.
2. If there is one thing that you want a reader to take away from your books, what would it be?
The one thing I want people to take away from my books is a deeper relationship with Christ. If my book aren’t Glorying Him, I feel like my writing has not accomplished what it was meant to do. 
3. Who or what would you consider to have the greatest influences on your writing?
I would have to say…many things!
I don’t suppose I can pick just one thing, or one person. The Bible and my relationship with God is key. That influences all of my writing first and foremost. Then, for the fine veil or writing and what goes behind the writing–Frank Peretti. His writings have given me a lot of insight. Then, styles of writing have influenced me and people, places, and events in my own life too. However, that is a larger list and too much to put down and that list grows every year with each good book I read 🙂
Reading I would say is the second greatest influence lol! I tend to read a lot of what has the best sales–what is popular. I study them, dissect them and learn from them.
4. Do you have any favorite authors that you recommend?
My favourite authors are all those who wrote the Bible ( God inspired & the book of Isaiah), Frank Peretti, Lisa T. Bergen, Janette Oke, C.S.Lewis, etc. The list goes on from there, but at the moment, that is the top 5.
5. Can you tell us about what you’re working on now?
Right now, I am finishing up book #2 in the Reality Series. It is called, Facing The Grey.
Life is not always black and white and when you have to face life after becoming a new christian…it can become grey. Zoe, the protagonist, has to face her dark past and try to live life as a new Christian. She has a tendency to run from her problems instead of facing them dead on. The book deals with teen pregnancy, foster home issues, finding security in insecure places, finding friends, finding trust, finding love, finding hope and drawing closer to Jesus.
It is coming in November 2015
You can find out more at:
Thanks again Embassie 😀

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