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Monday Musings…Romance Questions Pt III

Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog knows that I am asking my readers the same or similar questions that I’m asking my authors this month. Today’s question is:

Do you have a favorite romantic trope? A least favorite trope?

   A trope is a common recurring literary device. In other words, a commonly used form of writing. Some romantic tropes are: Millionaire Playboy, Reformed Rake, Girl/Boy Next Door, love triangle, opposites attract, secret pregnancies, etc. I think you get it, if you read enough romance novels you will come across the same or similar plot lines. That said, some of those same or similar plot lines are what gets me to buy a book.

So, my favorite romantic tropes are: arranged marriages and forbidden love. Mostly because if done right, the couple has to get know to each other well before falling in love. There should be some kind of underlying theme of friendship. But I also like the hate to love romance novels and sometimes the reformed rake.

My least favorite is of course, the love triangle and probably the girl/boy next door (for me this trope is usually boring.)

And now I ask you:

Do you have a favorite romantic trope? A least favorite trope?

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