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Romance Interview with Lynne Gentry

Thank you for willing to be interviewed!

1. In your opinion, what is one thing that a romance novel should have in order to be successful?

Great question, Embassie. I think a successful romance novel is a lot like a successful marriage. It is very difficult to put your finger on one key element of the success. However, I think that both the hero and the heroine have to see something good in the other, something that person may not even see in themselves.

2. When it comes to writing romance in novels, is there any kind of formula that you follow? Or does it just come together organically?

I never intended to write romance, but somehow I knew that an organic attraction between two people seeking the same goal strengthened a story. I’m always studying craft books and other successful writers for tips and techniques. As my writing has progressed, so has my romance writing ability.

3. Of all the novels that you have written, which one would you say was your most romantic and why?

I’d have to say that my third book in The Carthage Chronicles series (VALLEY OF DECISION, release September 2015) is my most romantic book to date.

4. Do you have a favorite romantic trope? A least favorite trope?

Had to look that one up, Embassie. Wasn’t sure if I had a favorite trope or not. If you mean predictable romantic scenarios like good girl falls for bad guy, or hunky guy falls in love with ugly girl, or barbarian falls in love with his captive, then I can’t say I have one preference over another. I guess you could say I used the marriage of convenience trope for throwing Lisbeth and Cyprian together. My least favorite trope would be the secret baby. I tire easily of stories of misunderstandings or lies between two people who are eventually supposed to be each other’s trusted soulmates. I think the best relationships are ones based on truth and trust.

5. What are some authors/books that you read when you just want to enjoy a good romance novel?

I have many authors I think do an amazing job with romance, but my new favorite is Nicole Deese. Her new book, A Cliché Christmas if fabulous. Nicole is one to watch.

4 thoughts on “Romance Interview with Lynne Gentry

  1. Great interview! I think the best relationships are ones based on truth and trust as well! Definitely can’t wait to read Valley of Decision! 😀

  2. I haven’t read Ms. Gentry’s novels but I’ve been seeing a lot about Return to Exile so now I’m curious…especially since I love the marriage of convenience storyline.

  3. I hope you don’t mine, but I’m borrowing these questions for the JANE blog tour! I thought they were awesome and would love to see Michelle’s response to them!

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