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Monday Musings…What Kind of Reader are You?

There are all kinds of readers in this world. Take for instance, my sister. If I tell her a book is good, she goes in blind. She doesn’t read what it’s about, she doesn’t care about the author, she doesn’t google….nothing. She just cracks open the book and read.

And then there’s me. I research. I look up reviews, starting with the negative first.  Who wrote the book is very important to me. And I have been known to read the last page of a novel to make sure there’s a romance.

So what kind of reader are you?

Do you like to go in blind? You don’t want to hear or see nothing but the words on the page?

Are you the kind of reader who reads the back of a book and that’s enough for you?

Do you study and research and try to make sure everything lines up before cracking open a novel?

Are or you the kind of reader who has to know who dies, who marries, who comes home?

What kind of reader are you?

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…What Kind of Reader are You?

  1. I definitely am a reader who has to read the back before diving in! If I forgot when starting then I go back and reread the description so I have an idea of what it’s about again, If it’s a book I’m planning to buy I also read reviews and I usually read a variety so I can have a feel of the novel overall since everyone has different opinions. I also don’t read the ending (I have only done this I think 3 times). I love to admire the cover while reading as well.

  2. Reading the back is a must for me before starting a book. I do enjoy nice covers and I try not to judge but if I’m searching quickly I go for the most interesting ones first! I love reviewing when my busy schedule allows it and I always go for the ones with the least amount of stars first and then on to the most stars!

    1. It’s definitely the interesting covers that make me give books a second look, but I like that you go for the least amount of stars first…that means you really don’t know too much about the book. Livin’ on the edge!

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