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Monday Musings…Boring Books

Things to do when you come across a boring book:

1. Do Not Finish (DNF). Before I blogged, I never ever ever considered such a thing. In college, I worked for minimum wage at the library and every two weeks I would take some of that check and go straight to the book store. My motto went something like this: if I paid hard earned money for you, I’m going to read you. So…yeah…I’ve got quite a few books on my bookshelf that I cannot remember a single thing about except that I did not like them. I did no one any favors except waste my time. Now, however, if I wasn’t asked to review it, I’ve got no problems tossing a book to the side.

2. Skim. This is another thing I did not do before blogging. I used to pride myself on reading every painful word. But now, I only skim if a) the book has lots of description or b) I was asked to review so I can’t DNF it.

3. Give it time. I’m a strong believer that the author can have you within the first few chapters, but sometimes a book just needs time. I’ve found that this policy works often with fantasy/sci-fi books. Sometimes they start off a bit cumbersome, but then a catalyst happens and they become easier to follow. But there usually has to be a catalyst about 25% in….

4. Read it anyway. If it’s a classic, it’s worth it (if only for bragging rights lol)…If it’s not a classic, you may still leave the book learning something and so it’s not a complete waste.

What do you do when you come across a boring book?

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