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Monday Musings…Books and Bloggish Goals for 2015

I noticed that I got a little lax in 2014. This year, not only do I want to be on top of things, I want to do somethings differently. So here goes:

1. Read 10 authors I’ve never read before.

2. Be on Twitter more (sometimes I’m an old lady trapped in a young lady’s body…my goodness, all these newfangled inventions).

3. Read a book from an author I “gave up” on.

4. Do more author interviews!

5. Have more giveaways.

6. Release two novels this year: one around June/July and the other around November/December. We shall see…

7. Read 300 books this year (its actually a lot easier than it sounds…I think).

So that’s it for me! What are some goals you have related to books and/or blogging?

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Books and Bloggish Goals for 2015

  1. You post some of the funniest pics! I love it! Haha! Wow reading 300 books is a hardcore goal! I almost read 100 (excluding kid books)! I don’t really have any goals this year. I’m actually planning on cutting back on blogging this year since I’m letting it consume so much time.

  2. Wow, 300 sounds very ambitious to me. Looking forward to seeing how you go. I like your resolution list and should borrow some, especially Twitter. At the moment, whenever I tweet, I can’t seem to see the point or outcome, so don’t do it often.
    I have your novel on my kindle and am looking forward to getting to it.

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