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Wrapping Up the Year

Books I read and didn’t review:

This book takes you back in time and to Italy in the fifth book of The River of Time series. The first half was really good, but I felt like the second half was kind of a repeat of what happened in all the other books and while I had no problem with a main character dying, I was not fond of the way he died.

Beautiful prose, lovely story line, but the heroine didn’t know what she wanted…so maybe I wanted to shake her a few times!

I don’t really like novellas, but this one was so cute!

Books I’ve been meaning to read:

How have I not read this book?

I started it, and then I got distracted. But I WILL read it!

So this one has been on my Kindle for over a year…yeah…but look at the cover. I want to read you.

How about you? Are there any books you would have liked to read this year, but just didn’t?

One thought on “Wrapping Up the Year

  1. So can you do me a favor and spoil who dies in Deluge in a Twitter message? I have wanted to read this one, but don’t really like when main character dies and am nervous about WHO it is? The Hesitant Heiress was good and totally admit I wanted to shake her at times as well! 🙂 I’m planning to read one of Beth’s and Julie’s books for the first time next year! Happy New Year’s! 🙂

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