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Monday Musings…Books That are Hard to Read

The other day I read a book ( a very good book!) but boy was it hard to read. You see, I’m one of those people who likes Happy Ever After endings and minor problems. Not problems that are overwhelming for my protagonists to get through. When that is not the case, I’m usually faced with a dilemma: skip to the ending to see if I can relax, or muddle through it. I hate muddling through it, but if the ending is terrible I may not finish the book. What’s a girl to do?

What’s even worse, in my opinion, is if the author writes a series. An example of this would be Liz Curtis Higgs Thorn in My Heart Series (a very good read, but you’ll be gnashing your teeth the whole time). With series, you know the issue hasn’t been completely dealt with and in order to find out what happened you have to purchase a whole ‘nother book and go at it again.

I’m a firm believer that books should be relaxing, unless I can count on the author to always make me happy in the end. That’s not saying I want a boring book, for there are many out there. I just don’t like certain types of drama. Personally, familial drama where siblings are usually in love with the same person or had relations with the same person or did anything with the same person are a complete turnoff and/or usually make a novel just too hard to read for me. Maybe because I love books where family members have each others back, even if they don’t always get along.

What about you? Like to live on edge and read heart-palpitating books? Or do you prefer things to be toned down a bit? Is there a certain topic in a book that you would prefer to avoid because it will make you nervous? Thoughts….

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Books That are Hard to Read

  1. Can I take a moment to say how much I love the picture? Totally had a good laugh! Thorn in My Hear Series was rough! I remember balling my eyes out in every single one, especially the last one!

    Since reading is my stress reliever I usually avoid anything too deep or that I know I will make me cry. IF I know a novel will make me cry, but it’s by a favorite author I’m willing to read it. I also don’t like reading books that have a lot of war (unless God tells me otherwise) because usually someone dies and I’m not a big fan of anyone dying! These are a few that I know are pretty big in my mind at the moment! I feel like just these past few months I have gotten really picky about what I read now!

    1. I know exactly what you’ve mean, I’ve been super picky these last few months, I don’t like reading anything that leaves me depressed or has me depressed most of the book, I’m much more likely to toss it aside. I think it’s why I like romance so much…there’s a better chance of me enjoying it and a HEA.

  2. I completely agree with you, I don’t like to get too stressed out when reading. I don’t like love triangles and adultery themes. I haven’t read that Liz Curtis Higgs series bc of all the drama (although I’m sure she’s an excellent writer) and I still can’t read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers yet. Susan May Warren’s next book has that sibling issue you mentioned and I wonder how she’ll handle it (and if I can handle reading it!) Thanks for your thoughts, I’m glad I ‘m not the only one who feels this way 😁

    1. Lis, honestly we could be cut from the same cloth. I hate love triangles and I really don’t like adultery themes if the main character is the one committing adultery. It’s just too hard to read. It took me three times to finish Redeeming Love (though I loved it in the end) and I am still unsure as to whether I will read the next book by Susan May Warren even though I think she’s a fantastic author. This may be spoilery, but how can a girl think it’s ok to date the brother of the man she slept with? Just no. That makes no sense (unless maybe said brother is dead).

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