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Monday Musings….Most Memorable Heroes

When I decided to tackle this thought, I am almost stopped before I started because I’ve read a ton of fantastic heroes over the years. But then, I thought, that’s just it. What heroes have managed to stay forefront in my mind in spite of the many books I’ve read? Thus, you get my list of the most memorable heroes I’ve ever come across. I’m talking about the guys in books you read just to be in their world again, regardless of whether or not you liked the book. In no particular order:

Matt from My Stubborn Heart. In a word: brooding.

Tanner Richardson, Duke of Cambridge from Who Brings Forth the Wind. Very Alpha male. And did you see the part where he’s a Duke?

Red Shirt from Courting Morrow Little. My heart is on the ground…

Honestly, just about every man Elizabeth Camden writes, but if I must pick one, Bane from Against the Tide. His brilliance cannot be contained.

Another author who writes awesome heroes, but Marcus from A Voice in the Wind wins for me. No words.

Alex from Save the Date. He is hilarious.

Lance from Secrets. He’s the opposite of the classic hero, and I love him anyway,

David from Mixed Signals. Endearing.

Levi from To Win Her Heart. Too much to say here.

Jessie from Spring for Susannah. Jesse makes this book.

Another author who writes amazing heroes. Had a hard time picking one, but my favorite book by here is this one, so we’ll go with James from Beyond This Moment. Now this is a romance.

Siri also writes amazing heroes. Who to pick? Who to pick? Cranwell from Chateau of Echoes because I just love this book.

Darius from Harvest of Rubies. That is all.

  When you think of your favorite heroes, what books come to mind?

One thought on “Monday Musings….Most Memorable Heroes

  1. Yes to Bane from Against the Tide! That was such a good novel! I liked Alex from Save the Date! I have read that novel at least 3 times! Levi from To Win Her Heart was pretty amazing!

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