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Monday Musings….Monotonous Reviews

The other day I was writing a review for a novel when I realized that the review I was writing sounded very similar to a review I had written the other day. And so it got me thinking, it is my reviews? Or the books I read? I made a decision a long time ago that unless someone gave me a book to review (or I requested it on Netgalley) I would not post negative reviews. And let me tell you, there are plenty of books that I have read, but just can’t post without sounding too disgruntled. This means that generally, my reviews are upbeat and positive….the same.

I’m not sure really, how I can change my reviews. Some people have star ratings (like 5 out of 5 stars) and I personally love this system. But I chose not to use it because I think my star rating might be harsher than if I just lay out there what I like and what I disliked. So, I don’t know. If you’re a blogger, what do you do to keep your reviews fresh? If you’re a reader of blogs, what style do you find most helpful when deciding whether or not to read a book?

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings….Monotonous Reviews

  1. It’s interesting you post about this today because I feel like mine are the same way! I realized I usually start the same way every time as I guess that’s what I feel comfortable with. The thing I like with your reviews is that I don’t consider them always cheery and upbeat (I don’t mean that in a bad way)! You say the truth of what you did and didn’t like each time!

    I recently did a video review for a friend of mine and she is one of quite a few who has recommended I do more so I’m thinking of doing those maybe every other week for something a little different! That’s my only idea at the moment of keeping my reviews fresh!

  2. I like your reviews.
    I know what you mean though. I try to keep mine upbeat too. I’ve been warned that, as a fellow writer, that may be wisest, if I don’t want them to turn and bite me 🙂 it gets a bit tricky if they are books from a blogging program such as Net Galley, and I feel obliged to write an honest review whether I like them or not.

    1. Yes I know what you mean, and I have been guilty of trying to say “I didn’t like this book” in the nicest way possible. So I walk the fine line of how honest one should be.

  3. Honesty is the best policy! No one wants to pick up a book with “upbeat” reviews only to find out it was a “downer”!! Late to the party, but know what I like! Your opinion of books have helped me choose wisely on many occasions. Keep up the good work!

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