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Monday Musings….What’s Romantic?

I’ve long since believed that the idea of what is romantic is subjective. I mean, if you google the top 100 most romantic movies, you’ll get all sorts of things. And while I may agree with 30% of them, there’s about 70% that have me bewildered. Adultery is not romantic, I think movies that don’t end in Happily Ever After are depressing, lust doesn’t last, and I don’t care for some kind of post-modern concept of romance where the couple is not quite together but together.

But, I love romance. I always have. So here is the basic recipe I think a book (or movie) needs to be really romantic:

-the hero and heroine know each other; the good, the bad, and the ugly, and because of that, they love each other

-no deception, no playing games

-respect; for each other and whatever positions they may hold

-the willingness and ability to sacrifice for the other; or just plain putting the other first.

So, here’s my list, what’s yours?

Is there anything you would add or change?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings….What’s Romantic?

  1. I fully agree with your list! I always want the hero and heroine to actually know each other before getting serious! I can’t think of anything off the top of my head to add this morning concerning what I would add! Great list!

  2. I agree with your criteria too. I might just add that I don’t mind the occasional story where they are bitter enemies to start with, or at least rub each other up the wrong way. These stories always make me wonder how they will begin to warm to each other, and eventually fall in love.

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