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Monday Musings…What’s On Your Radar?

For me, the countdown begins for:

I can’t even describe how much I want this book. I think it all began when the previous one ended. This series has truly surprised me. The first book was just ok for me, the second book was amazing, and I’ve already heard great things about this one. So, if you haven’t started this series, get to it!

This is another 3rd book in a series. I love the way Ms. Sundin does history, and the development of her romances are always a treat!

Ms. Weber is a debut novelist, but not only has she been reviewed by Christian readers and loved, she’s been reviewed by secular readers and loved. And I’m thrilled that Christian novels are getting this kind of attention. Who knows the impact this book could make?

What are you counting down the days for?


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…What’s On Your Radar?

  1. I felt the same way concerning Jill’s series! Outcasts was the bomb and hoping Rebels will be too! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Storm Siren! I hope you enjoy it! Rebels is the book I’m only really counting down the days for right now!

  2. Definitely looking forward to Jill’s book, also I can’t wait to read Temptation Tuesday by Melinda Michelle.

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