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Monday Musings…How Picky is Too Picky?

I’m a picky reviewer. As someone who reads tons of books a year, I appreciate picky reviewers because there’s nothing more disappointing than spending money on a book I don’t want to finish. When I’m interested in a book, I click on the negative reviews, because those people can usually tell me what to expect in a book and whether or not I will like certain elements. So, I look at it as a good thing, because then my readers will know that when I like something I really like something. But, sometimes I wonder, am I too picky? Writing is subjective, and what one person may find okay (widows with children) another person may find cliché (widows with children). And yet, if you can pinpoint specific things that bother you as a reviewer, does it not at the same time tell the reader about things they may or may not like?

For instance, I once read a negative review about Amish people that said that these Amish people read more like “ordinary people”. Well, for me that’s a good thing. I was glad they pointed that out and I bought that book and enjoyed it.

I think with vague reviews, that does the author more harm than not because if it’s vague than the reader neither enjoyed it nor disliked it. And then I have to do more research. At least that’s my impression.

But then again, sometimes I wonder if authors read my reviews and think really? Really?! That small detail stuck out in your mind? And so then I wonder again, am I too picky?

What do you think? Do you like picky reviewers? Do you just want to know if their 5 stars or 3 stars? Thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…How Picky is Too Picky?

  1. I’m the same as you. The occasional 2 or 3 star review has saved me from spending money. The best ones aren’t written in a mean manner but just honest.

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