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Monday Musings….Does it Matter What They Look Like?

I am one of those people who generally does not like faces on the covers on my books. Sometimes, I do. But more often than not, I would rather not because no offense, but usually on the covers, the people seem a little weird looking. They are an odd mix of cartoonish and just not what I pictured in my head. And yet, I like when authors post pics of people who inspired their characters. Strange? Yes. What about you? Do you like to picture the characters in your head without any reference? Do you picture the person on the cover? Or the person the author used to inspire the character?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings….Does it Matter What They Look Like?

  1. I don’t mind people on the cover, but I don’t want to see the face if you know what I mean! Usually my imagination makes a prettier picture of how I want them to look like (not the people on the cover are ugly or anything!)! Does that make sense? I love the picture you included! To funny! 🙂

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