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Jennifer Hartz’s Heroes of the Horde Book Two: Siege and Giveaway!

Last year’s battle was just the beginning. Now the Horde is sending out smarter, more personal demons to attack the superpower-charged teenage Heroes. Romantic tension mounts between Hero members and jealousy is in high gear. Can the Heroes put their personal issues aside long enough to locate the source of the Horde before it destroys them all?

Heroes of the Horde Book Two: Siege takes place about three months later after the first one, and was really a lot of fun. It had the superhero aspect mixed in with teen drama, and light spirituality. So:

What did I like:

I think with the first book, I kept wondering where the series was going. Well, now I feel like I know. I get it. And for me this made for a far more cohesive tale and sold me on the series.

This may sound weird, but in this book you begin to see how vulnerable the characters are. But in their weaknesses they become stronger.

I like how they have to learn to work together, and how they don’t all gel right away. It’s six different people and that is a lot of personalities.

I liked the teenage drama. I will admit to thinking they were silly at first and then being completely caught up in it. The “L” word was tossed out a lot for such young people, but then again, I know teenagers talk like that.

Some of the characters personalities were so strong (i.e. Jimmy, Shelley) that they instantly became my favorite character.

The curveball ending! I didn’t see that one coming.

Spiritually, I like the subtleness of the message that only Jesus saves as well as the importance of repentance. As the series goes on, I imagine that that message will grow to be important to all six of the heroes (but also note for sensitive readers that their is mild language, though far less than what you would find in most YA novels).

What I didn’t like:

Some of the characters personalities were not as strong, and so I didn’t miss them when they weren’t “talking.”

Romantic scale: 8 (there are a lot of little romances going on, though one caught my eye more than the other, so I averaged them and came out with 8)

Overall, very cute and very fun and very original.

**I received this novel from the author. My opinion was not affected in anyway.**


The lovely Jennifer Hartz is willing to giveaway three copies of the first book in the series: Heroes of the Horde (they will be kindle copies)It’s worth reading, and if you love superhero anything (or paranormal for that fact) you will enjoy this book. All you need to do is leave a comment below with your email address. The giveaway ends three weeks from now on April 16! The winners will be randomly selected!

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