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Monday Musings…At What Point Do you Give Up on an Author?

Have you ever found an author, fell in love, read all their books, but then overtime noticed that their books no longer hold your interest? I have. So how can authors began to lose readers who loved them? This is how:

  1. The author changes their time period. There are a few authors I have read who I really like when they write contemporary, but have a hard time with when they write historical. You would think that it wouldn’t matter considering I love both time periods equally, but I have noticed that sometimes their heroines will stay the same from contemporary times but fail to translate well in historical periods. That said, there are some awesome writers who can do this really well, but there are some who can’t.
  2. Their novels don’t change. There is one author I just really liked. I read every single book she wrote, but then I began to notice patterns. The heroine always reacted the same, I knew the hero was going to do x right in the middle of the book. It was so predictable, I just stopped reading her.
  3. The author has a tendency to place her main characters in some tense positions…all the time. There is this one author, who is fairly famous. And when she writes a good book, it’s amazing. But when she writes a not so good book, it’s usually really not so good (though she still gets five star reviews, so she’s not bad). What makes me hesitant to read her books? I never know what she’s going to put her main characters through and whether or not I want to handle it. She’s not a light read, and I’m not excited to read a book that will make me heavy.

   So, are there any authors that you have given up on (you don’t have to name names!)? If so, why?

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