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Monday Musings…Christian Fiction and Diversity

I love Christian fiction and I love to read a great variety of things. I hope that my blog is found helpful by all kinds of readers of Christian fiction; those who like fantasy, YA, sci-fi, historical, contemporary, mystery (though I would be lying if I said they almost all have one thing in common: romance).

However, I started this blog with hopes that I would be a voice of encouragement to Christian authors and readers. And I do mean all Christian authors and readers. Though I have mentioned a few different voices of Christian authors on this blog, I do not, however, feel like I mention enough.

And so, I ask you readers, is there anyone that you recommend, who brings a different perspective to the table? And I don’t mean just racial povs but also indie writers. Who out there do you think is a fabulous writer and could use some encouragement. Let me know!

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings…Christian Fiction and Diversity

  1. I really like Vacirca Vaughn, Ginny Jaques , Brigette Ni Brian, Precarious Yates and Sarah Witenhafer. These are authors have not written many books but I believe they are what I consider ” Think outside of the box” kind of authors.

  2. I know you posted this a while ago, but I wanted to recommend Melinda Michelle to you. She is an Awesome Christian author. I have read all her books; Surviving Sunday, Monday Madness, Color Me Blind and You Can Never Leave. This is her web page: I can’t say this enough, but she is Awesome! check her out.

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