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Jennifer Hartz’s Future Savior Book Five: Revelation and Giveaway!

Congrats: Deborah, Laura, and Marie!

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With the forces of good and evil amassing in the Marle Desert the time for the finale battle has come, but Christina’s place is not on the battlefield. It all boils down to this: She must face Leticia and destroy the evil at its source.

Little does Christina realize that Leticia has her own diabolical plan. With the help of Christina’s former friend, Jonus, Leticia knows exactly what it will take to break the spirit of the Savior of Meric.

Christina is faced with an impossible decision. Can she sacrifice the lives of thousands just to save the person she loves?


What a great series! I found it, on a whole, to be creative, romantic, and fun and I’m so glad I had a chance to read it. In regards to this book alone, I think Ms. Hartz did a fabulous job wrapping up this series.

What I liked:

Book Four ended with some pretty heavy revelations, but with this one, we finally get to know about Charis! And the big reveal is well worth the weight. There are a few more revelations in this book that come together in a really nice way. I will say that the juxtaposition of the current world with Meric worked really nicely.

Christina is a fabulous heroine. When I was in her mind, I flew through the pages of the book. To a certain degree, Shaw gets dialed back a bit, but it makes sense in this novel. This is the last one and by focusing on Christina, it comes full circle.

Quite a few romances on the side come to completion in some very cute ways.

I really enjoyed that the people of Meric go through very familiar Bible stories, almost creating their own version. That is a really great idea, that I didn’t get it until this one. I also love the emphasis on how the journey creates the change in people. Spiritually, there are a lot of great things happening here that I think could be applicable to real life, but the idea of the journey really stuck out in my mind.

I also liked, and this may sound weird, but I liked that there were casualties in the book. It helped emphasize the seriousness of what was happening.

What I didn’t like:

That there were casualties in this book! One person’s death in particular almost brought me to tears.

The only other thing was that there are a lot of minor stories going on and some were more interesting than others.

Otherwise, overall, I really enjoyed this series. It’s well worth reading and you absolutely must finish the series if you’ve started it. It’s a beautiful conclusion.

** I received a copy of this book from the author. My opinion was not affected in any way.**


The lovely Jennifer Hartz is willing to giveaway three copies of the first book in the series: Future Savior One: Conception (they will be kindle copies)It’s so worth reading, and probably my favorite one in the series if I had to choose. If you love that epic, fantasy, romantic kind of novel, than this one is for you. All you need to do is leave a comment below with your email address. The giveaway ends three weeks from now on January 31! The winners will be randomly selected!

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