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Monday Musings….Types of Romance Novels (Pt. 2)

Another type of romance is the “unlikely pairing.”

The “unlikely pairing” can happen in two ways: sworn enemies and mismatched personalities. Sworn enemies is not Romeo and Juliet, because that couple did not appear to take part in their family feud. They just had one. Sworn enemies in a romantic novel is when the couple just starts off on the wrong foot and it seems like they don’t like each other at all and the reader is scratching their head wondering how it will all turn out. As a romance novel, if this is done well, this can be good, because usually there is a lot of humor involved. However, the problem usually arises when the couple goes from disliking each other to liking each other and how well the author can really portray this.

Mismatched personalities, which is actually my second favorite kind of romance, is when if you saw their personalities on paper (which we do!) you would quite simply, not pick them out for each other. They are just too different. The problem that arises here, is often, how different are they really?

When I think of authors who do “unlikely pairings” well, I think of:

   Karen Witemeyer

Kristen Heitzmann

Mary Connealy

Linda Windsor

Siri Mitchell

Elizabeth Camden

Are there any you would like to add? Is this your favorite kind of romance?

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings….Types of Romance Novels (Pt. 2)

  1. Mmmmm, I think this IS my favorite kind of romance novel. Perhaps it is because my husband and I are pretty much opposites! Thanks for recommending these great authors; some I know and some I need to go looking for.

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