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Monday Musings….Best Sequels!

In most series, the first book in the series is the best and it all goes downhill from there. However, there are quite a few series out there where it actually gets better! So, just in case you read the first one, thought it was okay, and did not read the second one, I’m here to help you out! Here are some of the best sequels out there:

1. Tamera Alexander is one of those rare authors where her sequels have a tendency to be better than her first novels…and her first novels are amazing! The best sequels for her are Beyond this Moment, Remembered and Revealed.

2. Ronie Kendig: My favorite novel by Ronie is Wolfsbane from her Discarded Heroes Series.

3. Lori Wick: Sean Donovan. I’ve read this one so many times, like ten times more then the others in the series. 

4. Kristen Heitzmann: The Breath of Dawn. I so thought she had messed up with this sequel when I read the premise…it was amazing!

5. Karen Hancock: The Shadow Within and Shadow over Kiriath. Fantastic Fantasy novel that keeps getting better.

6. Laura Frantz: Courting Morrow Little. So Romantic

7. Elizabeth Camden: Against the Tide. Surprises on every page…Loved Bane!

I’m sure these cannot possibly be the only sequels out there that are actually better than the first novel. Please feel free to add some. Just to clarify there are some really good sequels out there, but this list is for those series where you remember the second book (or third or fourth) in much more clarity than the first. 

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