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Jennifer Johnson’s A Wedding Song


Megan McKinney is being forced to re-evaluate Justin Frasure, her womanizing boss, since he became a Christian three months earlier. She finds her heart softening as his faith grows. Can he wait patiently for God to change her heart, or will his patience push her toward someone else?


This was such a cute romance, and really, it fits the day and times in which we live. When you read what this book is about you will know that there are two guys that Megan has to choose from (if you read the back of the novel, not just the Amazon description!) I don’t want to give away which guy Megan ends up with, but I was in full support of her choice from the first time I met the guy. That said, because there were two guys I found myself a bit stir-crazy and it took all I had not to flip to the ending to figure out who the winner was.  I found Megan to be a really good character and though there were moments that I wasn’t crazy about her reactions, they totally made sense. Spiritually, I loved the theme of being made new in Christ and how you have to see yourself as new even when others don’t. Also, there was great emphasis on forgiving people even when they don’t seem to be sorry. A good book, and a romantic read!

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