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Feature Friday….Liz Curtis Higgs

Some years ago I stumbled across Liz Curtis Higgs in the library. Gifted doesn’t quite truly describe her. I decided to list some of my favorite novels by Liz Curtis Higgs. 

This was the first novel I read by Ms. Higgs. This novel is hilarious! I just adored the hero in this book and she did a beautiful job of showing how two very different people can fall in love.

This is probably my favorite novel by Ms. Higgs. I’ve read it so many times the pages are torn. I just felt like the heroine was so relatable. And the hero? Swoon. 

Do you know one of those people who talks to TV shows? I am not one of those people, but these books had me talking. Though, they are not my favorite by Ms. Higgs, they are definitely the most gripping novels I’ve ever read. I felt so invested in the characters. To be honest, they’re probably not my favorite because they made me want to shed too many tears. There’s a happy ending! I promise. But the journey….

Now this was a fantastic replication of the story of Ruth. They’re not short and sweet, but oftentimes dark and gritty, but that joy at the end! Oh man! So worth it! Ms. Higgs did a fabulous job capturing all the different emotions and events that most likely impacted Ruth.


So here are my favorites by Liz Curtis Higgs. Do you have a favorite?

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