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Patrick Carr’s The Hero’s Lot


When Sarin Valon, the corrupt secondus of the conclave, flees Erinon and the kingdom, Errol Stone believes his troubles have at last ended. But other forces bent on the destruction of the kingdom remain and conspire to accuse Errol and his friends of a conspiracy to usurp the throne.

In a bid to keep the three of them from the axe, Archbenefice Canon sends Martin and Luis to Errol’s home village, Callowford, to discover what makes him so important to the kingdom. But Errol is also accused of consorting with spirits. Convicted, his punishment is a journey to the enemy kingdom of Merakh, where he must find Sarin Valon, and kill him. To enforce their sentence, Errol is placed under a compulsion, and he is driven to accomplish his task or die resisting.


I have been waiting for this book since I put the first one down! And it was well worth the wait. This novel picks up right where the last one ended…and sends Errol on another adventure. Unlike the first novel, however, you get more than Errol’s point of view. Normally, I would have wanted to skim the other person’s point of view, but their story, in my opinion, was equally as fascinating. I found that this novel shed more light on the past, allowing you to get a clearer picture of everything that had happened up until Errol. This novel also had a wee bit more romance than the last one, which I found to be particularly nice. Errol, as usual, was a character that I could empathize with. He learns some crazy things and goes through some dangerous situations and you can’t help but love him. And yet, all of the mysteries were not solved, and in fact, the book ended on such a note that I almost screamed when I finished. Sigh. I must wait some more (but fortunately the wait isn’t too long!). We lose some people along the way and gain some new faces on this adventure and  I am highly interested to see how Mr. Carr will work everything out. Spiritually…well, I kind of don’t want to give it away, but you begin to see Errol develop his own faith in God. Great follow-up! Didn’t suffer from book twoism and highly recommended!

** I received this novel from Netgalley. My opinion was not affected in any way.**

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