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Jill Williamson’s Project Gemini


After an exhausting school year, Spencer is thrilled to discover that the summer training mission will take him and his fellow agents-in-training to Okinawa, a tropical paradise. But there’s little time for R & R as Spencer must attend school, volunteer at a local martial arts training facility, and track and report a mysterious girl named Keiko. Spencer thinks he knows exactly what to do, but the more he discovers about Keiko, the more questions he has. All he really wants to do is protect Keiko from her ex-boyfriend and stay out of trouble, but where Spencer Garmond is concerned, trouble is never far away.


What a joy it was to get my hands on the next book in The Mission League Series. Can I just say that I love Spencer? Constantly throughout this novel, I found my eyes on the bottom of my kindle, hoping that the novel was not almost over yet. I think that Ms. Williamson does a fabulous job writing the voice of a teen boy. Spencer is so well-developed that it seems he can step through the pages. Though this novel is not a romance (and I am a romance lover) there is plenty of relationship drama and so much humor that the novel doesn’t feel like it’s suffering in any areas (plus I have a feeling that the romance will be more gradual throughout the series). Also, prior to reading this novel, I discovered that not all the characters from the first novel would be in this one. At first, I was disappointed, but I found that I barely considered the missing characters and I so enjoyed getting to know the new ones. If you liked the first book, you’ll love the second one and eagerly anticipate The Mission League 2.5. Spiritually, I love the importance and emphasis placed on the gifts that God gives us and I enjoy watching Spencer and others use them. I also like watching Spencer grow spiritually (slowly, and gradually), but it seems like his foundation is sure. So much fun and highly recommended!

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