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Feature Friday…Francine Rivers

Um…You cannot be a true Christian fiction reader if you haven’t read a Francine Rivers novel, so here are some of my favorite:

This is the first one I ever read by Ms. Rivers and….it was mind-blowing. I went from Jannette Oke to Francine Rivers. It’s like going from Anne of Green Gables to Harlequin; only they are both women who love God and are able to convey the need for a deep relationship with him. But one is a bit more risque than the other.

This is the next book I read by Ms. Rivers. All of her books I have recommended to my family members and though Redeeming Love was intense, my cousins are unanimous, this is one of the best ones. It’s been borrowed so much I have pages falling out.

I hesitantly picked up this series…and was completely changed forever. I cried like a baby with the first one and dragged my mom to the library to pick up the rest. I don’t have a ‘favorite’ novel because that spot changes on a regular basis. But, if I had to choose one, it would be A Voice in the Wind. I mean, that is what a romance novel should be and Hadassah was such an example of Christ that is resonates with me till this day.

Now, I really liked this one, but it felt a bit incomplete to me. I always wished there was a book two. Otherwise, a very good read.

This book deals with some serious issues and I usually run from those, but Ms. Rivers handled it so wonderfully that I was glad that I read it. Again, she writes the best romance stories. Loved the hero in this one.

These are my favorites! I have read her other novels, but these stand out in my mind and my heart the most. Which one is your favorite? Haven’t read her? Start tod

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