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Feature Friday…Lynn Austin

Lynn Austin in an amazing author and one I highly recommend you read if you haven’t read her books. Today I will feature my favorite novels by her, some of which I’ve read at least three times!

The reason I picked up any of her books was because of this series. I love reading books about the Civil War and this series did not disappoint. So romantic and such an insight into the people of those times. I can’t recommend this series enough!

This book was so good they made a Hallmark movie out of it. To me this is a classic Lynn Austin novel because it has alternating points of view, rich history, romance, and mysterious backgrounds. I’ve read it more times than I can count. You’re in for a real treat with this one.

One of my favorites! I’ve probably read this one more than the others! It’s got three women’s stories, but one of them really was fantastic.

This one is not as romantic as I like, but it was light and so funny. You can’t help but love Alice!

I haven’t read this one more than twice, and it’s not so much like the others. That said, it has stayed with me all these years.

I disremember if this is the first one in the Hezekiah series, but I sure hope Ms. Austin did her research because to this day not only do I love Hezekiah, I go around telling people, now when the Israelites did A, it was because of B.


Her novels will you up and take you many places and her love and relationship with God shines through every book. Anyone else have a favorite of hers? Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “Feature Friday…Lynn Austin

  1. Oh! I have read several of these, but I need to get hold of Eve’s Daughters. I think it’s new to me. Lynn Austin is truly gifted. I really liked a book she wrote entitled A Proper Pursuit. Ever read it?

    1. I have read it, though at the time, there was another novel that was very similar that came out at the same time. I found Lynn Austin’s to be better, but they still blend together for me. I might have to go back and read it again though because her books are always fantastic.

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